LULANDO Sleeping bag Art Collection 70 cm – Sleepy

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This unique LULANDO product is perfectly suited as one of the best gifts for pregnant women. In this way, you can enrich completing the baby layette for another practical thing that will facilitate the care of the child.

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When the autumn-winter season is coming, parents are looking for a cover that will provide the child with appropriate thermal comfort both during sleep and walks. The pear-shaped sleeping bag, offered by the LULANDO brand, will be a great choice to make the infant sleep as long as it wants. It is primarily dedicated to babies who have a tendency to uncover and kick off their quilt while sleeping.

The LULANDO product is a garment for restless babies, designed to provide them with a safe sleep and thermal comfort in all conditions. Baby, wrapped in a pleasant to the touch sleeping bag, can sleep soundly at night and boldly waving legs. He will not be discovered during sleep and will not be exposed to a cold. Parents will be sure that the baby will not cover his face, which can happen when using a duvet. The cut of the sleeping bag will ensure full freedom of movement and healthy development of the hips.

The Sleeveless Sleeping Bag will give the infant more freedom of movement and the proper circulation of air. In this way, the toddler will not sweat or overheat. The product is ideally suited for use throughout the year in rooms with temperature from 15 to 21 degrees due to appropriately selected filling weight. Thus, it maintains the correct temperature throughout the entire period of sleep, both on warm and cold days. The product is detachable on the naps, which will facilitate the insertion and removal of the child.

The LULANDO brand has designed a unique sleeping bag from the Art Collection line with a special dedication for babies from the first days to 18 months. The product has zipper, which will allow for a quick and efficient change of the diaper without the need to wake up the child. Sleeping bag is a certified blend of cotton (100%) and polyester (100%). The filling of the product is a fluffy and soft silicone non-allergenic fabric, which was produced exclusively from new non-recycled raw materials. White, clean and fresh fibre has many advantages, including it is light, does not absorb moisture. The highest quality of materials has been confirmed by the safety label Standard 100 by Oeko – Tex – Class I. This means that they meet the strictest humano-ecological requirements and are suitable for the sensitive skin of infants and young children. The LULANDO product is a safe, comfortable and helpful “sleeping bag” that will replace a duvet or blanket not only at home, but also on the road. Its pastel colours and unique graphic design will surely fit into any decor of the children’s room.

Cover material: 100% Cotton
Filling: 100% Polyester

The product is available in size:
70 cm (length) – for children aged 0 – 6 months
The dimensions may vary +/- 2 cm