LULANDO fitted sheet for cradle and gondola – Grey with white dots

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Extremely soft and pleasant to touch, the LULANDO sheet is comfortable and of high quality. It is made of high-quality cotton which will provide your baby with the appropriate conditions for a good and peaceful sleep in the gondola, cradle or Moses basket.

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At the very beginning the baby spends a lot of time in the gondola during strolls with Mom and Dad. That’s why, it’s worth to think about what to equip the pram with so that the comfort and convenience of the baby is guaranteed. We will suggest that one of such products is the LULANDO sheet being friendly and safe for sensitive and delicate baby skin. You can use it from the first days of your baby’s life without any fear. Not only will it provide comfortable conditions for your baby to take a nap in the open air but it will also protect the inside of the gondola from possible dirt.

The sheet fits perfectly into the size of the mattress in the gondola. An elastic band sewn all around it firmly holds it in one place – it adheres firmly and does not slip. As a result, the baby can sleep peacefully. No folds or wrinkles in the fabric will pinch your baby’s back.

The sheet is available in one size: 70 cm x 40 cm and therefore it fits not only in the gondola but also in the cradle, Moses basket, crib and changing table. Stylish patterns on the fabric will surely brighten up your baby’s room to make it even more cosy.

A great advantage of the LULANDO sheet is its fabric. It is entirely made of 100% cotton covered by Standard 100 by Oeko -Tex – Class I, which means that it meets the strictest requirements for sensitive skin of babies and small children. The cotton fabric is natural and attested so it will not irritate the baby’s skin or cause allergies. Instead, it provides softness and pleasure to touch.

Fabric: 100% Cotton
Size: 70 cm x 40 cm (+/- 2 cm)