LULANDO Braid Velvet mat with a diameter of 100 cm – Roses

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The product was designed for infants and small children, but the mat can be also used by older kids. They can use it as a soft seat during everyday play on the floor, or as a comfortable mattress which is a perfect place for them to relax and sail to the land of dreams during the day.

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The floor is a favourite playground for both infants and small children, who love to play with their building blocks, dolls or teddy bears there. Therefore, their parents’ mission is to find a creative solution that allows the toddlers to use their energy while playing on the carpet. They do not have to look far: the LULANDO brand has an amazing offer for them – the Braid Velvet round play mat.

The LULANDO product consists of two parts – a mat and a braid, with 12 ribbons which create nice, decorative bows. It is an ideal solution for babies who do not want to spend their free time lying in their cot, because they are so curious about the world. Children can spend their time on the mat in a very active way, for example they can develop their first independent motor skills, try crawling or play with their cuddly toys. Even an older child may have a lot of fun with this blanket, as it can be used in a creative way while playing on the floor. When you detach the braid from the baby mat, you can use it in various ways, for example as a pram insert that limits the space around your child and helps him or her maintain a stable position during a walk. The braid is also a decorative element both for the child’s cot and the room; it brings a touch of modernity and makes your home even more cosy.

The upper side of the play mat for children is made of 100% cotton, printed with a special proprietary pattern, and the bottom side is covered with a non-slip, waterproof material. It is filled with hypoallergenic, breathable polyester nonwoven fabric. The braid is made of soft and pleasant to touch Velvet fabric, which resembles velvet or velour. The LULANDO blanket is manually quilted in several places, which makes it even more unique.
The blanket is made with high-quality materials, provided exclusively by renowned European manufacturers. The materials (cotton and filling) are certified with the Standard 100 certificate by Oeko-Tex – Class 1, while the Velvet fabric has Oeko-Tex – Class 2 certificate.

Dimension of the Braid Velvet mat:
Mat diameter: 100 cm (+/- 2 cm)
Braid length: 310 cm (+/- 3 cm)

Fabric composition of the Braid Velvet mat:
Outer material: 100% cotton
Bottom material: 100% polyester, with PVC dots
Filling: 100% hypoallergenic polyester