LULANDO Flannelette nappies Art Collection 70×80 cm – Forest

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A soft to the touch flannel diaper with a unique graphic design from the Art Collection line is an indispensable helper when changing new-borns and infants. This product is also an alternative for small allergy sufferers because it does not contain toxic substances and does not cause any irritation.

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Flannelette nappies from the Art Collection line one of the most important item in a layette, they are very useful in many situations – at home, on a walk or on the road. For parents who love healthy and ecological solutions, they are a must-have in everyday child care. Increasingly, they give up the use of disposable dippers, which are less environmentally friendly for diapers made of cotton flannel. This product is free of toxic substances, so it does not cause irritation and soothes the sensitive skin of the baby. Nappies are breathable and allow the skin to breathe.

Reliability is a great advantage of LULANDO diapers. In any situation, mom can count on the diaper to save her from various everyday oppression, for example as a cover while feeding in public places or a shoulder pad when she holds a baby after feeding. Diapers can be used in many ways – they can be used as additional protection of the baby sheets from the burp, also the can become delicate bath flannel. Diaper is a great element that enriches the contents of the outdoor mum’s equipment. On warm summer days, it will serve as a thin, breathable blanket or as a changing pad in public places, for example on a park bench or in a restaurant.

Nappies, characterized by unique graphic design, are really handy for parents caring for their children. They are made of cotton flannel covered by the Standard 100 mark by Oeko -Tex – Class I, which means that they meet the strictest requirements for the sensitive skin of infants and young children. In addition, the edge trimming makes them more durable and resistant to damage. Caring for children’s welfare, the LULANDO brand for the production of nappies used materials only from reliable and reputable suppliers. Not only parents will love the product, but also babies who can not imagine sleep without cuddling their beloved white, soft nappy.

Composition: 100% cotton flannel
Dimensions: 70 cm x 80 cm