LULANDO Baby bed bolster 190×10 cm – Pink zigzags/Grey stars/Dots on pink

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LULANDO is focused on the health and comfort of the youngest; therefore, the company pays special attention to the high quality of materials.

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Mom, Dad – do you want to provide your little one with safe and comfortable conditions while sleeping?

LULANDO has a perfect solution for you – a bed bolster, which protects your baby’s delicate head against hitting the hard, wooden rungs of the cot. The product also suppresses loud noises, thus creating a peaceful atmosphere during your infant’s rest. It helps your baby to sleep safe and sound with beautiful dreams. If your baby sleeps with you in your bed, the bolster will allow you to create a safe comfort zone for him or her.

The LULANDO product is not only a perfect way to help your child to sleep healthily at home, but also during walks. It can be used as an insert that limits the empty space around the baby and helps them maintain a stable position in the pram, thus providing your baby with comfortable conditions to rest in the open air. Even your older children can use the LULANDO bolster – it will bring them joy as a cuddly toy when they play, or as a comfortable pillow when they read books while lying on the floor. Besides, the bolster is a highly aesthetic, interesting decorative element which brings a touch of modernity and originality to every home.

LULANDO produces its accessories for children using only high-quality materials, provided exclusively by renowned European manufacturers. Also this bed bolster is made of materials that meet the strictest requirements for accessories for infants and babies with sensitive skin. The bolster is made of 100% cotton, and its ends are covered with the VELVET fabric, which was designed especially for babies because it is extremely soft and pleasant to touch. The fabric looks and feels like velvet or velour. The LULANDO bolster is filled with thick and elastic filling made of a silicone nonwoven fabric, which is known for its hypoallergenic properties and breathability. It is also odourless, doesn’t sift and doesn’t emit any chemical compounds.
The materials (cotton, filling and threads) are certified with the Oeko-Tex – Class 1, while the VELVET fabric has Oeko-Tex – Class 2 certificate. Once you unpack the product, please form it gently to give it the right shape.

Dimensions of the bolster: 190 cm, diameter – 10 cm
Dimensions may vary up to 3 cm

Fabric composition of the bed bolster:
Outer material: 100% cotton, 100% polyester
Filling: 100% polyester (hypoallergenic silicone fabric)